Irish Medical Council, fitness to practice, Dr David McMurray.

Last Monday evening, we saw a swift conclusion by the Irish Medical Council to a fitness to practice hearing of the obstetrician, Dr David Mc Murray, who had principal responsibility for the care of Tracey Campbell Fitzpatrick in St Luke’s Hospital Kilkenny on Easter Sunday 2016.McMurray has been found guilty of professional misconduct.

After giving birth to her baby, a second son, Tracey experienced a massive haemorrhage followed by a cardiac arrest and died. Consultant found guilty of professional misconduct in case of woman who died shortly after giving birth (

At a 2017 inquest, the coroner concluded that Tracey had died from ‘natural causes’. This verdict was strongly disputed by Tracey’s family who, with evidence from a number of international experts, took a High Court case against the HSE in 2021. The High Court found in the family’s favour, the HSE apologised for failings in Tracey’s care leading to her death, and a substantial settlement was made to  Tracey’s two children.

With the Irish Medical Council’s finding on Monday, two years after the High Court case, nearly seven years since Tracey’s death,  of professional misconduct, we are republishing the article written at the time of the High Court case in 2021. In it,  we noted that the family had fought a singularly courageous battle to get to the truth of Tracey’s death. The family have once more shown absolute determination in taking the case against McMurray to the Irish Medical Council.

Following the  High Court judgment we asked then and are asking again now with still greater urgency when  a second inquest will be held so that the true cause of Tracey’s death becomes a matter of record. Please see previous blog about the case of Tracey Campbell Fitzpatrick.

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